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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is an integration of digital technology into some or all areas of your working processes and corporate culture thus fundamentally transforming how you conduct business. Coming to us means that you will receive a high-level IT consultancy that will clarify your business goals and the digital road by which you will get to them.


Cloud migration and optimization

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing power – servers, storage, databases and a wide variety of applications – that your business can take advantage of via the Internet. On the Cloud applications load faster, endure more traffic and cost you less – its a must step in every digital business transformation.



Quality software is never an accident – it is always an anticipated outcome of intelligent and dedicated work. These words guide every software and mobile development project we take on. At South Gate Tech we can offer you software consulting and engineering services that will help you throughout the whole process from defining the core concept idea to the complete and bug-free software that your business processes insist upon.



In the modern, digital world the right decisions at the right time are what matters most. And for a business to do so it needs adequate, well-structured and timely information that can only come from big data. If an organization will take advantage of the incomprehensive amount of data generated every day, it has to have big data engineering strategy. Our partners who have entrusted us with their big data engineering receive valuable business information based on crystal clear insights.

The people

Our corporate culture aims to empower every member of our team to be the best professionals that they can be. This happens with giving everyone complete freedom hence complete responsibility of how they conduct their work. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who strive to deliver business value for our partners – and they do.

  • Kamen Bochev
    Kamen Bochev Founder & CEO
  • Nevena Tsonkova
    Nevena Tsonkova HR & Resourcing Director
  • Ognian Chirkov
    Ognian Chirkov Agile Coach & Delivery Lead

The skills

In the digital world change is the only constant. That is why at South Gate Tech we strive to adopt and perfect only the newest and most comprehensive skills that are in the digital spotlight. Here are our technical stacks of skills and knowledge:


Business intelligence

Big data



Our clients

The most important digital asset that we will ever have.

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