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Who we are and
What we do

South Gate Tech is a global technology outsourcing partner, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Behind South Gate Tech is a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in software development, product development, business and service outsourcing.

Our customers are global companies, Fortune 500 companies and companies leaders In their business domains.

At our customer projects, we utilize the latest technology stacks and high quality agile, scrum and Project management processes.

Our most popular services

Software Development

We can completely develop your product or project, based on requirements or specification. We can integrate a team into your SCRUM process or drive the development ourselves and deliver on target milestones.

Team Staffing

We can find the right staff for your development / outsourcing project. We can provide your with developers, engineers, QA and project managers as contractors or we can manage them on your behalf, providing you with single point of contact.

Project Outsourcing

We can manage your projects end-to-end and perform integrated or independent SCRUM. We can manage all your suppliers, 3rd parties, manage risk, budget and dependencies. We have PMP and SCRUM certified Project Managers.

Business Intelligence

We have experts with more then 10 years experience in the Business Inteligence area. We cover BI end-to-end from solution design, data modeling, DWH build, ETL set-up to front-end report and dashboard creation.


Solution Design

We can be your trusted consultant when it comes to picking the best architecture for your project. We can perform FIT / GAP analysis of the solutions you have picked.


Cloud and Big Data

We can transform and upgrade your applications and services to run in the cloud. We can migrate your traditional databases to be scaleable in operate in the cloud. Our big data experts can transform your data and BI needs into real-time big data, utilizing Hadoop, Redshift, ElasticSearch and more.

Many Hearts, One Beat

South Gate Tech has a “people-first” philosophy and strongly believes a strong and united team is what makes a company great. We are commited to offer great work-life balance to our team members, which ensures for motivated and focused professionals. Our “one team” attitude is key to a project success.

We’re scalable

We can incorporate our teams into your operating model. For example – our developers can work with a scrum master and a product manager from your organization, which ensures that everything fits your business needs.

We can also completely manage your project and deliver a complete solution, once ready, interacting only with a project manager or business owner on your side.

Project Management


Our team is rapidly growing! We are also utilizing a trusted and proven network of partners and sub-contractors for specific tasks and niche projects.

  • Kamen Bochev
    Kamen Bochev COO & Founder
  • Daniela Valkova
    Daniela Valkova Human Resources
  • Andrea
    Andrea Sales and Business Development
  • Peter Zlatev
    Peter Zlatev Senior Software Engineer
  • Dimitar
    Dimitar Software Engineer
  • Dimitar G
    Dimitar G Software Engineer
  • Roman
    Roman Big Data Engineer
  • Georgi
    Georgi Big Data Engineer
  • Plamen
    Plamen Big Data Engineer
  • Rumyana
    Rumyana Big Data Engineer
  • Maria
    Maria Big Data Engineer
  • Iskra
    Iskra data QA
  • Nikolay
    Nikolay Python Developer
  • Ivan
    Ivan Full Stack Front-End Engineer
  • Petar


Some of the clients which are contracting or sub-contracting with us.

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