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Why do we exist?

The business landscape is moving fast. IT needs are changing constantly and keeping a head above the water could get costly and even more so risky if legacy systems fail to deliver what’s needed or in-house IT stuff just burns out. That’s why we were born with the idea to help companies stay nimble and adapt to whatever the market demands.

We are South Gate Tech and we are a global technology outsourcing company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Every project we take on, we do with the sole idea that a job well done will do wonders for our client – that is the sum and substance of our work.

We know that our survival in the digital braw means making our clients happy and successful. That is why we develop software so business can increase market shares, we build data and platform services so entrepreneurs can access markets, we help with cloud migration because we know how important is to maintain low computing costs and we do all of this by providing only the best professionals in any of the mention and other IT fields.

Our most popular services

Software Development

When it comes to putting ideas into code, we do mean business. We will help you with the whole process from defining the core concept idea to the complete and bug-free final software that your business insists upon. 

Staff Augmentation

Good things happen when the right people are engaged with the right tasks – we can be these people, or we can find and hire them for you. We are able to acquire developers, engineers, QA and project managers as contractors or as personnel managed by us. We are here to help you close any project openings that you have..

Mobile Development

By entrusting us with your mobile application project you will receive a fully working, cross-platform app battle ready for any phone or wearable. We use a single code base so your application can run smoothly on different operating systems such as iOS, Android and PWAs.

Platform Refactoring

We will “clean” efficiently any piece of legacy software that your business utilizes. Our zero-tolerance for anything extra will make your source code better and future proofed. Any software that you have will become lighter, continuing serving you as it should.

Big Data Engineering

With us, you are going to extract, transform and load any amount of data for your business. We are going to build and maintain your data warehouse, we will create a fast comprehensive data pipeline and will design an understandable and easy-to-use tool for analysis-ready data.

Cloud Services

On the cloud applications load faster, endure more traffic and cost less. We can help you migrate your entire infrastructure to the cloud and take your business to the next stage on its development. We have a thorough knowledge and appropriate certifications in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

People always come first

A satisfied employee creates satisfactory results. At South Gate Tech we have harnessed the “people-first” philosophy which means that the well-being and development of our team members are of great importance to us. We have seen it numerous times – a task took on with a positive attitude will lead to success.

We are adaptable

We are here to help you with any project that demands additional staff with a specific set of skills and expertise. With us, you can fill in any open positions for the duration of your project. You are in need of a SCRUM master or you must have a second back-end developer? Whatever your project demands on, we will help you with it by providing you suitable and dedicated professionals that will fill in any shoes.

We understand that your business has to be active and reactive at the same time but also nimble and agile, so that’s exactly why we are adaptable, adaptable to your business goals.

Project Management

The people

We are a collection of individuals with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Also, we have a network of trusted sub-contractors who will execute complex niche tasks because our goal is to deliver for you a full technical and business support in an accurate and friendly way.

  • Kamen Bochev
    Kamen Bochev COO & Founder
  • Daniela Valkova
    Daniela Valkova Human Resources
  • Andrea
    Andrea Sales Manager
  • Klara Evlogieva
    Klara Evlogieva Business Development Director
  • Dimitar
    Dimitar Software Engineer
  • Peter
    Peter Senior Software Engineer
  • Dimitar G
    Dimitar G Software Engineer
  • Spass
    Spass Big Data Engineer
  • Nikolai
    Nikolai Big Data Engineer
  • Plamen
    Plamen Big Data Engineer
  • Rumyana
    Rumyana Big Data Engineer
  • Maria
    Maria Big Data Engineer
  • Iskra
    Iskra data QA
  • Nikolay
    Nikolay Python Developer
  • Ivan
    Ivan Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Petar
  • Kiril
    Kiril Senior Python & Ruby Engineer
  • Vlad
    Vlad Senior Python & Ruby Engineer

Our Clients

The most important digital asset that we will ever have.

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