An unusual but fantastic nonetheless Christmas party

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Whilst we are used to working for a flexible organisation with home working from differing locations, what usually brought us all together for fun times were the office happy hours with barbecue on our fantastic office terrace; board games; outings and more….  2020 was sadly the year for none of this.

Having all the tools in place for remote work and collaboration, we wondered what we could do to have a remote Christmas party without being dry, boring and to avoid the feeling of another remote scrum stand-up!

EnterEvent’s brilliant team came to the rescue.  Impressively packaged surprise goodie boxes were shipped to all our employees and contractors.  They included cocktail ingredients and items for an escape room game.  Split into teams and transformed into secret agents, our mission was to search for clues and figure out access codes to enter a maximum security data center to stop a computer virus at risk of halting the world.

After we successfully stopped the virus we were rewarded with a live Negroni cocktail making session, using the ingredients everyone had shipped to their home in advance. That was a blast and made things real!

Followed by a live DJ as we enjoyed sipping our drinks, chatting together, sharing jokes and stories, and dancing late into the night!

Although screens cannot replace live interaction, we all managed to feel close again and have fun together, making the best out of a difficult situation.

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