South Gate Tech friend and long-time collaborator David Bone joins as our new Biz Dev Champion

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Hey Amigos,

For those that don’t know me – I’m David Bone. I currently live in London with my beautiful wife Gaby and two amazing teenagers. I have worked in Tech for over 25 years and luckily spent some quality time in USA/ Ireland / Philippines /Australia and for the last 15 years I have been in and out of Eastern Europe every other month which has been the best. I love running and in particular long distances – You can read more about me on my running coaching site

I am thrilled to be joining South Gate Tech and to be re-uniting with one of my all-time best friends Stefan. Stefan and I worked together for over five years and I can honestly say that I loved everything that we have done together. I have worked with many great leaders, managers, coaches and people inspirers in my time but Stefan is one of the very few that actually combines all of these and more.

What I am most excited about is that Kamen and Stefan have created a beautiful culture at South Gate – one that makes it an awesome place to work/grow your career and the type of technical hotbed where clients can see see their product/system become unique and valuable in the market. The team here are full of brilliant problem solving techies working in an environment where everyone is thriving. I love the vibe here and I believe there are certain companies globally which will be totally blown away by what they will find.

All of this in a city Sofia and country Bulgaria that I have come to love over my years of coming here.

In my principal role as Biz Dev Champion I want to encourage tech companies from around the globe to get to know who we are at South Gate Tech, to take those first steps to begin working collaboratively with us ( meet our brilliant tech teams) , to dream about shared experiences (working with us from the Black Sea/Mountains) and to build something to confound expectations.

In a world which has changed beyond recognition, come and work together with a team that have been doing the technical remote ways for years.

I’m very much looking forward to bringing together great companies with South Gate’s great Tech and savouring that unique experience with you.

If you want to chat please do reach at

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