Giving back to our elderly community at Christmas

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Every year we have had a budget for corporate Christmas gifts, whilst this has been a welcome festive annual gesture we felt that the current global health crisis required a change. So instead of spending the cash on wines, whisky, chocolates and expensive gift packaging, we decided to give back to our local community in need.

We telephoned a number of hospitals and institutions to research what they needed and how we could help.  The hospitals and COVID treatment centres informed us that they were well stocked with supplies and equipment but what they were in need of were more nurses and doctors.  Sadly we were unable to help with more medical resource.

After some further thought, we moved our focus to our elderly community whereby care has been neglected in Sofia over the years.  We approached Alexandrovska Hospital and their hospice for elderly assisted living – one of the largest in the city, and spoke to the Director in charge.

She gladly identified the need for new washing and drying equipment as the existing equipment was very old and constantly required repair.







We contacted a local vendor Bros BG, who went the extra mile to assist in this request, and purchased a top of the range new washer and dryer with delivery and installation.

We sent an e-card to all our valued Partners and Customers informing them of the donation we had made on their behalf.

The feedback from our partners and clients was overwhelming.

The director of the nursing home had tears in her eyes, stating no significant donation has been made to the home in 10 years.

We are proud that our gift donation is a step closer to improving the bigger picture for our community 🙂

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