South Gate Tech opens office in Vancouver, Canada

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We are more than happy to announce the opening of our new office in Vancouver. The Canadian Silicon Valley is a place of great opportunities, valuable talent and promising start-ups. And we want to be a part of this thriving and expanding ecosystem with our expertise and services. Our goal is to provide useful help for local start-ups and companies so that they can scale fast and be cost-efficient.

How do we do that?

With experienced, tech-versed and capable people, of course. And most importantly with battle-tested methodologies that provide a clear step-by-step blueprint of any project regardless of its current stage.

We have gathered and perfected our knowledge in areas such as Software Engineering, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Cloud Migration & Optimization so any company no matter the size can be sure of its concise and successful development. 

We know that running a lean start-up or an expanding company can be an exhausting job. Potential staff burn-outs or merely a lack of specific know-how can significantly slow down a project. And slowing down is the first step towards failure. Here is where we come in. With thorough technical knowledge, market wisdom and proven methodologies, we will help any organization shorten the production-to-market time and lower its costs.

With our staff augmentation process, we will solve any niche tech problems. But also you can outsource entire projects to us, again with the same level of efficiency. We will provide you with the right team(s) with the most suitable mix of skill sets that your business needs. 

From now on, with us, Canadian business can address painful IT management topics such as technical debt, data architecture, back-up strategy, cloud migration & optimization, security, code refactoring, migrations, failing legacy systems and insufficient IT workforce. 

Nobody knows what the future holds, but everybody should prepare for it, and with us, you will be! 


Let’s talk, meet and help you with IT. 

We are South Gate Tech Vancouver Inc.

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