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The Challenges:

After we delivered the first dedicated team to our client, the biggest public betting and gaming company in the world, they realised the benefits of this model and requested South Gate to build another, fully dedicated, very niche and very qualified team to help work on their big data environment. The client has a cutting-edge big-data setup which is very busy, generating more than 2 billion transactions on a busy day. The client has his own big data specialists, but the volume of the work and their backlog kept growing month after month. The client had challenges hiring more big data engineers, as they have exhausted the talent in their locations and after the success of the 1st team we built for them, they reached out to us.


What we did:

With the help of our brilliant in-house resources and recruiters, we managed to find, attract and secure a full Scrum team of engineers who was read for on-boarding and 6 weeks after the initial request. The team consisted of 5 highly skilled and experienced data developers, with skills varying from ORACLE and SQL development, through various ETL tools and processes, Hadoop, S3 and Amazon Redshift and 2 data QAs.

Our resourcing process, being fully agile, was tailored to the client requirements with respect to their competencies, skills and cultural alignment.

The team itself, although being completely remote (based in Sofia, Bulgaria), is fully dedicated to and integrated with the client’s organization. We have provided excellent video-equipped meeting rooms where the team does their daily stand-ups via video, performs all Scrum rituals together with the client, like planning refinement and retrospective sessions. Our engineers were complying to internal scrum/agile and coding practises and using all available internal tools for specifying requirements, development, deployment, testing and devops.


The outcome:

Our fast on-boarding of mature and experienced professionals allowed to client to quickly reduce their backlog and shift internal resources to focus on R&D and platform improvement. The team works on an long-term partnership basis and has managed in only 1 sprint to catch-up with the client’s internal engineers and is on-par with their processes and business needs.

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