We were at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo 2019 and it was awesome!

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We featured at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo, www.balkangamingexpo.com, and it was an absolute blast for us. 

BEGE Expo is the single most exciting event in the Balkans aiming at gaming and gambling. Which unequivocally translates as a place where security, agility and scalability are undoubtedly expected and treasured. And we have satisfied the expo`s visitors by showcasing some of your successful projects. The visitors at the BEGE Expo are looking to get familiar with the latest trends in the gaming and entertainment industry. It welcomes more than 5000 people from 50+ countries around the world and during these dynamic 48 hours (20th and 21st November) business endeavours are ignited and professional relationships forged. At the event, we demonstrated our expertise in relieving complex business and regulatory problems in the gaming industry encountered by vendors and operators on a daily basis. 

The event was definitely a place to shine for us, not only because we demonstrated our problem-solving skills, but also because our CEO Kamen Bochev pitched South Gate Tech at the main stage. More on that later on. 

The adage, “Build, and they will come” worked well for us because we shared valuable knowledge on project outsourcing and software engineering with many visitors at our exhibition stand. But also, we uncovered a bit of our ninja-like staff augmentation process and some of the methodologies that we apply. Many visitors were impressed with our top-notch tech experts, and how could they not be! 

South Gate Tech had its time in the spotlight. Our CEO Kamen Bochev pitched at the main stage of the exhibition, our expertise in big data & data engineering, which South Gate Tech can provide to vendors and operators in the industry. 

Overall Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo was quite a productive event for us with a couple of new business card exchanges and few important handshakes. We will surely be going again next year.

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