BeAble FullStack team – learning platform for school students in the US

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We were contacted by BeAble – an American start-up company based in New Jersey to help them build their MVP.

We were quick to respond and assembled a remote team of FullStack engineers, with experience in AWS, NodeJS, React

Their main focus is on creating the Beable platform, including three major sections: rostering, taxonomy and literacy web-apps. The goal of this platform is to allow the enrollment of new students with literacy problems, which will then proceed to be assessed, and will ultimately be offered lessons in their predefined subjects, prepared specifically for their literacy level. An example of that would be a student in the 10th grade, who receives his material written for the 8th grade, so that he understands better and works his way up.

Technology – wise, the platform is built on top of micro-services architecture with a strict hierarchy of interfaces and helper libraries, as the main stack is NestJS, ReactJS (with hooks), MySQL and AWS.

South Gate Tech is involved entirely into the development of the rostering aspect of the platform (a set of services and a web-application for administrator use only).

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