Media Advertising Campaign Planning Software

 In Case Study

The Problem

The client, a peoplemetric company, was looking to replace their old and expensive 3rd party software which was used by their clients, media and advertising agencies, part of their service offering. The old software had no documentation on the logic or mathematics used.

The Solution

Designed and built from scratch a production ready application for analysis, research and planning of TV advertisements based on peoplemetric data. Software is enabling advertising agencies, media companies and marketing departments to reach their target audiences by minimizing the cost and maximizing the coverage and plan rating points.

The product is computationally intensive and is built with high performance / high

 accuracy as its key non-functional requirements.Technology stack:

  • Front end: React with Redux. Web Workers for local compute.
  • Back end business logic:, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, AWS S3
  • Mathematical Optimization: Python with Numpy over Cython
  • Database: AWS DynamoDB, Postgres
  • Daily ETL process done over AWS S3, AWS Lambda, SQL stored procedures

The outcome

The application is designed to be highly available, redundant and automatically scales up AWS resources to accommodate thecurrent usage optimising the hosting & running costs.

It is currently used by more than 300 agents.

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