Tide Real Time Data Team – KYC and Credit

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Tide.co.uk – a UK based b2b bank disruptor start-up – who already had a local office in Sofa, Bulgaria, was not able to source and staff the engineers it needed in orderd to scale-up on time and deliver their roadmap objectves.


Thanks to our amazing in-house sourcing team who is well networked, we managed to build a team of 5 big data engineers, along with a Proxy Product Owner and Scrum Master to  work on their crtcal roadmap and deliver key business objectves.


The team uses cutting-edge tech stack, like Python, Kafka, Spark to build the needed technology for Know Your Customer, Credit and Fraud departments. We also bult and prepared their BII / Analytcs platform, thanks to our Big Data and DevOps engineering. Stack includes AWS, Redshift, Aifrlow, Talend, Looker, etc. The platform is now ready to perform machIne learning and data science tasks.

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