Vodafone Real-Time EDSP Cloud Solution POC

 In Case Study

The Problem

We were contracted to build, test and deliver a POC for Vodafone Germany to support their data warehouse migration and optimization program.

The solution

We assigned our most senior data architect, a data engineer and a data QA to carry out the task. We conducted workshops to understand the requirements, the current set-up, the desired objectives. Along with the client team we built a specification and provided different options for the client in terms of architecture, technology along with the cost implications of each proposed solution.

The outcome

The client picked a solution that fit his requirements and budget and South Gate Tech’s team created a full-scale working POC,¬† consisting of:

  • Oracle GoldenGate, running in Docker containers on specific Oracle Exadata servers, servicing over 300 inbound and outbound connections via Kafka and applying real-time data validation.
  • The architecture¬† includes some of the latest AWS services

The team carried out performance and stress tests to prove the solution is stable and meets the KPIs.

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