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Digital transformation is an integration of digital technology into some or all areas of your working processes and corporate culture thus fundamentally transforming how you conduct business. Coming to us means that you will receive a high-level IT consultancy that will clarify your business goals and the digital road by which you will get to them. We are here to listen to your business objectives, understand your needs and internal process requirements and deliver a proficient digital solution that will add business value to your organization. Because digital transformation is not just a website and an app nor, it comes in a box or a cloud, we will help you clarify exactly what your digital business transformation should be and then roll up our sleeves and help you achieve it. And we will continue being by your side because “going digital” is not a quick fix but rather an ever going process. We are offering you digital transformation as a service (DTaaS) so your business keeps a firm grip on market trends and changes while continue optimizing and refining the organization’s internal process.


Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing power – servers, storage, databases and a wide variety of applications – that your business can take advantage of via the Internet. On the Cloud applications load faster, endure more traffic and cost you less – its a must step in every digital business transformation. Going on the Cloud with us means that you can reduce time-to-market of services and products, accelerate research and development results and harden data security which for you translates into added business value. Choosing South Gate Tech as a partner on your cloud journey will give you a peace-of-mind because our consultants will first listen and understand your business goals and then chart your cloud road map to a faster, cost-efficient and secure access to cloud computing resources. We will help you migrate your infrastructure to the Cloud. Also, deploy and provision it for cost-efficiency and scalability. We will build monitoring, alerts, backups and optimize your cloud computing architecture. We have knowledge and experience and the appropriate certifications in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Let’s uncloud your judgement and cloud your business together.




Quality software is never an accident – it is always an anticipated outcome of intelligent and dedicated work. These words guide every software and mobile development project we take on. At South Gate Tech we can offer you software consulting and engineering services that will help you throughout the whole process from defining the core concept idea to the complete and bug-free software that your business processes insist upon. Our consultants and engineers will listen and understand your business objectives and will provide you with expert knowledge, guidance and unbiased opinion on every digital business decision you have in front of you. We understand that code has to be written for the people who are going to use it and, not for the machines it’s going to run on – that is why we strive to completely put ourselves in your shoes so we can be confident that we will deliver a useful and usable software and mobile applications. We are going to help you build your application with consistency but also, correctly, on time, on budget and within requirements – that is how our software engineering process will benefit you. Entrusting us with your software development project on some or complete capacity – consulting, engineering and programming – means that your software and consequently your digital transformation will take off.


In the modern, digital world the right decisions at the right time are what matters most. And for a business to do so it needs adequate, well-structured and timely information that can only come from big data. If an organization will take advantage of the incomprehensive amount of data generated every day, it has to have big data engineering strategy. Here at South Gate Tech, our partners who have entrusted us with their big data engineering receive valuable business information based on crystal clear insights. Of course, some insights have a small expiration period – that is why we will use real-time streaming analytics so your business can benefit from timely data processing for fast and fair decisions. Also with streaming big data, your business will store less hence it will spend less on hardware. Potential errors due to batch processing will also be reduced with real-time streaming analytics. With us, besides the right and real-time insights, you will receive bulletproof security and alerting system for any data breaches or anomalies. Let’s talk data because we understand how insights will make your roadmap shift thus your product backlog grow.




Business intelligence is the proverbial pipeline of your data because BI will answer the questions on what you do with big data, how much time does it take you to analyze it and how you store and secure it. With us, you will easily analyze any amount of data and distillate useful business insights that will help you make the right decisions and, because of real-time streaming analytics, at the right time so you constantly deliver lasting value to your business.

The right data model and ETL process combined with powerful analytics will always reap valuable business results – let’s help you with that.


We are South Gate Tech and we are a global technology outsourcing company that strives to deliver business solutions for our partners by staff augmentation and project outsourcing. With us, you can address painful IT management topics such as technical debt, data architecture, back-up strategy, cloud migration & optimization, security, code refactoring, migrations, failing legacy systems and insufficient IT workforce. We are flexible problem solvers that can jump on any project that you have or plan to have – with our staff augmentation process, you will receive the perfect agents ready to charge in on back-end, building infrastructure, QA, data pipeline, data architecture, security issues, SCRUM management, software and mobile application development or other digital opportunities you aim to attain.


We are adaptable

We are here to help you with any project that demands additional staff with a specific set of skills and expertise. With us, you can fill in any open positions for the duration of your project. You are in need of a SCRUM master or you must have a second back-end developer? Whatever your project demands on, we will help you with it by providing you suitable and dedicated professionals that will fill in any shoes.

We understand that your business has to be active and reactive at the same time but also nimble and agile, so that’s exactly why we are adaptable, adaptable to your business goals.

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