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Writing clean and efficient code is a daunting task that insists upon undivided attention and superior technical skills. At South Gate Tech we are quite proud of our software development team, because of their capabilities to produce new or rewrite old code and thus create software that runs smoothly and most importantly for a long period of time without alterations. We will help you with the whole process from defining the core concept idea to the complete and bug-free final software that your business insists upon.

You can be sure that any piece of software that needs writing or refactoring will be executed proficient, keeping you up in the know at any moment of the process.


Mobile applications have to be responsive to any sort of mobile devices. By entrusting us with your mobile application project you will receive a fully working, cross-platform app battle ready for any phone or wearable. We use a single code base so your application can run smoothly on different operating systems such as iOS, Android and PWAs. Also, we can do rewriting of any existing source code so that you can update your business applications and continue using valuable operatinal assets.

We will help you go and stay mobile.


The monstrous amount of data generated every day is a valuable asset to every business. But for one to extract, transform and load such an ocean of information into a useful library-like tool, one has to invest a lot of time and effort. With us, you can bend any amount of data to your will without losing time or breaking a sweat. We are going to build and maintain your data warehouse, we will create a fast comprehensive data pipeline and will design an understandable and easy-to-use tool for analysis-ready data. But we will also help you to examine the processed data and extrapolate out of it the needed information on market trends, customers behavior and more.

Big data engineering is a growing business intelligence asset and you should be ahead of it and by choosing us, you will.


You are aiming to augment your business results by taking on new and brave projects. Projects that might create skills gaps in your workforce. We can help you fill in these gaps for the duration of your project – no need for long and binding contracts nor time for your newcomers to settle in – with us they will have their hands on deck from day one. With our staff augmentation service you will you receive the perfect agent ready to charge in on back-end, building infrastructure, QA, data pipeline, SCRUM management or anything you ask of him.

Good things happen when the right people are engaged with the right tasks – we can be these people, or we can find and hire them for you. We are here to help you close any project openings that you have.


We are ready to take on the whole end-to-end process of any project that needs doing, performing integrated or independent SCRUM. Entrusting us with your business will give you flexibility and expose you to a width range of technical and business expertise that you can utilize to your maximum advantage. We will be your partner in any of your core operations by engaging teams of our own or hiring staff to execute processes remotely. We are able to acquire developers, engineers, QA, SCRUM masters or anyone else as contractors or as personnel managed by us.

By outsourcing your project to us, you can be sure that everything will work smoothly towards the pre-agreed goals.


Cloud-based services are straightforwardly transitioning from a fad to the unanimously agreed upon standard for computing resources – on the cloud applications load faster, endure more traffic and cost you less. We can help you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud also, deploy and provision it. We will build monitoring, alerts, backups and optimize your cloud computing architecture. We have a thorough knowledge and appropriate certifications in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Let’s get you on the cloud and take your business to the next stage on its development.

We are adaptable

We are here to help you with any project that demands additional staff with a specific set of skills and expertise. With us, you can fill in any open positions for the duration of your project. You are in need of a SCRUM master or you must have a second back-end developer? Whatever your project demands on, we will help you with it by providing you suitable and dedicated professionals that will fill in any shoes.

We understand that your business has to be active and reactive at the same time but also nimble and agile, so that’s exactly why we are adaptable, adaptable to your business goals.

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